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In the last moment neutrinos passed through everyone else on the planet and then through you. They passed though you and then everyone else on the planet. They can carry information. Normally they pass through all matter and barriers and are not effected by anything, but occasionally they mysteriously interact and even alter a chemical reaction. They can even alter the decay rate of the elements which was discovered on Dec 13th 2006 (The Sun Speaks) and originally thought to be fixed. For example they can influence the entire planet. They come from many sources but mostly stars and on earth the greatest volume from the Sun.

Coming from every direction in the Universe, almost an infinity of vectors the neutrinos travel. They in effect provide a 3D data transport grid and the ability to alter physical reality. THE STAR ARRAY

There is more to be revealed... until then read the Gerber Neutrino the Matrix

"Operating from the intangible realm via the Casimir Polder Force / Effect, upon the tangible realms, subtle and yet powerful, the scientists had discovered God and Consciousness and labeled it the virtual particle, only detected in the peripheral disappearing when viewed directly, because the observer cannot view the observer" ~Richard Gerber from Intangics

“Consciousness is the stone that creates the waves in a sea of nothing.” ~Infinite Play the Movie / Intangics

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